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TO PLACE AN ORDER, Fill out the form if you are wanting to place an order with us over the phone & we mail  you your product; 
then CALL us with your order.  We will verify that you have e-mailed us the form and a copy of your drivers licence.

If you are placing a phone order, we take orders any day, but we only ship out on Tuesday & Thursday. 

You MUST be 18+ to enter the site; make a purchase or when visiting the shop.

If you are a TEXAS RESIDENT, as of OCTOBER 1st 2015,  new laws require us 

to obtain proof of identity.  To review the laws please visit *HERE*

We are also requiring anyone that places a phone order with us, to have a valid drivers licence on file with us.

There are some states that it is against the law for us to ship to; please kindly check your state to know the vaping

laws and regulations *HERE*

If you are a TEXAS RESIDENT, you MUST fill out the form *HERE*

Recently Innovated Vapors has taken a new path. We want to help the community even more, so with that, Innovated Vapors has started sponsoring one

of MANY of our service members, that is active duty, in the Navy! Justin came into our lives recently because we started carrying the Double Barrel,

Shots, which is Squid Industries E-Liquid Line, and might I add YUMMY, and the new Peace Maker Tank also known as the PMT, 

*Squid Industries*, << click and you can see what they have to offer!

Jennifer and Justin started building a friendship with Justin and 

with Eric who is the owner of Squid Industries, and a new world opened. 

You can follow Squid Industries on Instagram also!

Innovated Vapors knows the struggles of being an active duty member of the military and 

we wanted to show support, and what better way than to help Justin with his vaping needs. 

Justin is an admin in the Squid Vapor Group on Facebook, and if you would like to join, click the link and join today! 

There are always custom waffles for mods, and tons of activity. Not everyone is military in the group, but 

we ask that you READ the pinned post if you join!

Justin, has been doing videos for us, and keeps very active on Facebook and Instagram, go check him out,

And you can always keep up with of our posts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Angelo, our hot beareded vape expert, Kat is our photo guru and Jennifers' side kick in the live sample testing, come on by, we have SO MUCH FUN!!

Also, we have started on Wednesday nights doing a live feed after hours ( 8 p.m.) with

Kat, Angelo and Jenn testing samples that have come into the shop, and to see if they will earn a spot on our shelves. 

So if you have some flavors you would like us to try, you may always send in samples, and we will give you our honest opinions.

Innovated Vapors

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